Brexit – Implications for Commercial Law

We are now in the post Brexit period with the UK having signed a UK-EU co-operation agreement on 30th December 2020 (TCA). The TCA is the main agreement to govern the trade relationship between the UK and the European Union going forwards. As businesses navigate through the post Brexit period, we can assist with providing

Brexit – The Legal Considerations

While it is still too soon for any certainty and teething problems are likely to persist, it is possible to speculate and draw some current conclusions on the effect of Brexit on some areas of UK legal practice.

Queen’s Speech: Brexit, employment rights and tenancies

The Queen’s Speech announcing the government’s plans for the coming two years was dominated with Brexit as was widely expected. Eight of the 27 new bills were related in some way to our future relationship with the European Union and the rest of the world. The impact on business will largely depend on the outcome

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