Employee who was held against his will during interview by female manager and being ridiculed for being intimidated wins sexism case

The Employment Tribunal has ruled that a former employee was subjected to harassment related to his sex and discriminated against on the grounds of sex by his Employer. The case involved Mr Toby King, who worked for Tesco Stores Limited as a Customer Assistant from 18 November 2017 until he was dismissed with effect on

Worker subjected to abuse on WhatsApp awarded £25,000

A woman who stumbled across a workplace WhatsApp group featuring racially abusive remarks about her has been awarded nearly £25,000 for unlawful harassment on the grounds of sex, race and religious belief.  The case involved Mrs Muna Abdi who worked as an operations clerk for Deltec in Hounslow. She was originally from Somalia and moved

New ‘one-stop’ watchdog to provide more protection for workers

The government is to introduce a new watchdog organisation to protect workers’ rights and prevent unfair practices. Responsibility for tackling modern slavery, enforcing the minimum wage and protecting agency workers – currently spread across 3 different bodies – will be brought under one roof, creating a comprehensive new authority, which will ensure businesses that break

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