The Representative of an Overseas Business Route

The Representative of an Overseas Business Route is for representatives of foreign businesses that do not already have a presence in the UK. Sole Representatives or Media Representatives may apply for a Representative of an Overseas Business Visa. This article focuses on Sole Representative Visa applications. The requirements for a Sole Representative visa are set

Damage to premises did not invalidate break clause in lease

By Commercial Property

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a commercial tenant had correctly exercised a break clause in its lease despite having left the premises “dysfunctional and unoccupiable”. The break clause provided that the tenant could terminate the lease if it gave “vacant possession of the Premises to the Landlord” on the relevant break date. The

Tribunal warns against culture of hyper-sensitivity in the workplace

By Business Employment

The Employment Tribunal has warned against encouraging a ‘culture of hyper-sensitivity’ in the workplace. The comments came as the tribunal rejected a female employee’s claim of age and sex discrimination after she was overlooked for promotion and her superiors made questionable comments to her. Miss Sithirapathy worked as a legal counsel for pharmaceutical company PSI

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