Tribunal warns against culture of hyper-sensitivity in the workplace

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The Employment Tribunal has warned against encouraging a ‘culture of hyper-sensitivity’ in the workplace. The comments came as the tribunal rejected a female employee’s claim of age and sex discrimination after she was overlooked for promotion and her superiors made questionable comments to her. Miss Sithirapathy worked as a legal counsel for pharmaceutical company PSI

Employee who was held against his will during interview by female manager and being ridiculed for being intimidated wins sexism case

The Employment Tribunal has ruled that a former employee was subjected to harassment related to his sex and discriminated against on the grounds of sex by his Employer. The case involved Mr Toby King, who worked for Tesco Stores Limited as a Customer Assistant from 18 November 2017 until he was dismissed with effect on

Ensure your workers are paid the National Minimum Wage

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The Law Employers should be aware of their ongoing obligation to pay the National Minimum Wage under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 and should make sure that workers are being paid at least the national minimum wage that applies to them. The national living wage (the highest band of the national minimum wage) increased

Microsoft has joined the growing list of companies requiring workers to be vaccinated in its US office, which raises the question: Can employers force their staff to have the Covid vaccine?

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*Note: This article is written from the perspective that the same policy will be applied under the English Law. An employer can reasonably instruct an employee to take the vaccine, but that will depend on the circumstances. Currently, only regulated care homes can legally require workers to be vaccinated from 11 November 2021. Therefore, employers

Misconduct outside of work

In the ordinary course of events, employers have little to no involvement in their employee’s personal lives and actions outside of work. But what happens when the employee does or says something outside of the workplace which the employer feels may have a material impact on their business? Employers will become interested in employees’ extra-curricular

Legal implications of Covid-19 on the manufacturing sector

As we start to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we address at some of the issues which have arisen for our commercial property, corporate and employment clients in the manufacturing sector and what this may mean for the industry as a whole going forward. To download the document, please click here

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