Hats off – avoiding deadlock in business ownership

Business owners, particularly in small businesses, can often wear too many hats. Whether it be as a shareholder, director and/or employee, each of these hats carries very different rights and responsibilities:- Shareholders: investors in the business and their relationship to each other is governed by the Companies Act and any shareholder agreement (if one is

The Office Christmas Party: How to avoid a HR Hangover

By Business Employment

The highly anticipated annual office Christmas party epitomises the perfect out of hours staff get together, but if you’re not careful one too many shots coupled with a clash of personalities could make for a recipe for disaster! Here are Machins’ top tips for a trouble-free night of drinks, dancing and merriment without the throes

Government announces employment law changes to boost economy

The government has unveiled a series of employment law reforms aimed at boosting the economy and reducing costs for businesses. The measures include changes to the Working Time Regulations 1998, the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE), and non-compete clauses. The measures are set out in the policy paper ‘Smarter Regulation to Grow

TUI discriminated against employee during redundancy process

By Business Employment

The law on redundancy can seem complex and demanding to an employer. When making staff redundant, employers need to ensure that they follow a fair process that recognizes an employee’s rights while also seeking to achieve the organization’s goals in making the redundancy in the first place (e.g. saving cost). Throughout the redundancy process, the employer

Worker accused of trying to ruin company wins dismissal case

By Business Employment

An employee at Lean Education and Development (LED) training firm won £11,885.62 for her unfair dismissal claim after she was accused of making deliberate mistakes to financially ruin her employer. Tracie Shearwood worked for LED for several years and after numerous promotions she held the role of head of compliance. In April 2018, her managing

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