Court upholds adjudicator’s award to honour contract

By Company Commercial

The High Court has upheld an adjudication award made to a construction firm following a contract dispute involving allegations of defective work. The case involved Davis Construction (South East) Ltd v Sanzen Investments Ltd. Davis had been engaged by Sanzen to construct 25 residential units under a JCT design and build contract. Clause 9 provided

Father granted access to business records in family dispute

A father has been granted access to information concerning the family businesses of which he was a director. The issue arose because he was in dispute with his son and daughter-in-law, who were also directors. The family business comprised of companies that operated residential care homes. The father and mother established and ran it on

Interior designers win dispute over hotel ‘five-star finish’

By Company Commercial

A firm of interior designers have won a contract dispute over unpaid invoices for their work refurbishing a hotel requiring a “luxurious 5-star feel”. The case involved Phoenix Interior Design Ltd v Henley Homes plc. Henley engaged Phoenix to provide interior design services, furniture and fittings for a new apartment hotel in Scotland. The brief

Legal implications of Covid-19 on the manufacturing sector

As we start to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we address at some of the issues which have arisen for our commercial property, corporate and employment clients in the manufacturing sector and what this may mean for the industry as a whole going forward. To download the document, please click here

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