About Bradley

Bradley joined Machins in July 2022 and is currently a trainee solicitor in the Private Client team.

He graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2021 with a First Class degree in law and has most recently completed the LLM (Legal Practice Course) at BPP University in Cambridge.


Latest news by Bradley Ramsay

Tips on considering the area of law to qualify into

By Trainee Blog

Thinking about the area of law that you would like to qualify into can be tricky. Some trainees know exactly what area of law they want to qualify in before they even start their training contract and others have absolutely no idea. Some trainees start their training contracts thinking they know exactly what they want

Steps to help you in your first week in a law firm

By Trainee Blog

You’ve made it past the interview stages, accepted the job offer, the initial excitement has passed and now the first day of your new job in a law firm is approaching. The nerves might be starting to settle in. Here are some top tips based on my experience to help ensure that your first job

Shareholder Agreements – why are they so important?

By Company Commercial

Often when a team of people decide to do business together they do so with people known to them whether it be family members, colleagues or friends. It is common to feel that formalising the business relationship legally is unnecessary as parties often find it difficult to imagine that these seemingly positive relationships could deteriorate

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