Child arrangements for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day to be enjoyed with children and family however unfortunately the day can be difficult for some fathers who are unable to spend the day with their child. Whilst it is hoped that most separated parents would be able to agree the arrangements for special dates such as Father’s/Mother’s Day,

Changes in the Family Procedure Rules steer parties away from the court room and towards non-court dispute resolution.   

From 29th April 2024, there are significant changes to the Family Procedure Rules, promoting the court’s powers to encourage parties to attend non-court dispute resolution at every stage in proceedings, for matters involving children and/or a financial dispute.     The court will require parties to file and serve Form FM5, setting out their views on

Successful application for termination of Parental Responsibility

Termination of Parental Responsibility is rarely made by the Court and only ever in exceptional circumstances. Following a recent private family law case acting for a mother who successfully obtained a termination of Parental Responsibility order to end the father’s Parental Responsibility, we asked Laura Martin-Read, Senior Associate Solicitor to explain what Parental Responsibility is

Divorce and business

Latest Government figures show that 42% of people now get divorced. Frequently, one or both of them will have an interest in a business. Divorce can have a disastrous impact. It is therefore important to take good legal advice. The law states that on separation, all the circumstances of the case must be taken into

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