Father’s Day is a special day to be enjoyed with children and family however unfortunately the day can be difficult for some fathers who are unable to spend the day with their child.

Whilst it is hoped that parents would be able to agree the arrangements for special dates such as Father’s/Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays etc. this is not always possible, especially when there is a hostile relationship between separated parents.

In the absence of safeguarding issues, it is likely to be considered to be in a child’s best interests to spend Father’s Day with their father. Parents should endeavour to be flexible with the arrangements for the child and recognise that it is in the child’s best interests to be with their father on this special day.

If you are unable to agree the arrangements for Father’s Day, or any other special date, an application can be made to the court for a Child Arrangements Order. When setting out the general arrangements for the child, the Court is also able to detail the arrangements for special dates such as Father’s/Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays etc. By taking this course of action, any potential for issues in the future will be significantly reduced.

There is also the ability to seek to resolve the matter via attending mediation. The mediator can assist the parents with agreeing the arrangements and avoiding future disputes.

If you have been unable to agree arrangements for this year’s upcoming Father’s Day, and a Court application will not assist you in time on this occasion, it is important that you consider alternative ways to try and enjoy the day with your child. It may be that you are able to agree some form of indirect contact with your child, such as a video call. You could also consider making plans to celebrate the occasion when the child is next due to be in your care.

At Machins we are able to assist with this type of dispute, offering pragmatic advice to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

It is vital that any dispute regarding the arrangements for a child is dealt with as soon as possible. Please contact us if you would like more information about the issues raised in this article or any aspect of family law.

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