Changes to Government Policy on Immigration for the Skilled Worker Route, Carers and Partner routes

Changes to the government’s policy on Immigration announced by James Cleverly, the Home Secretary will have major implications for Employers, Migrants Workers and persons seeking to bring spouses to the UK and other migrants. Its perhaps worth stating that even before this announcement some other notable changes had already been announced earlier this year. Some

Minister of Religion (T2) Route

This Immigration category is for persons who have a leading role within their faith–based organisation or a religious order in the UK. Dependant spouses and dependant children under the age of 18 may also apply on the Minister of Religion (T2) route. The Minister of Religion (T2) is a route to Settlement. This article is

High Potential Visa Route

Introduced on 30th May 2022, the High Potential Individual Immigration category is for international graduates with a foreign degree equivalent to a UK Bachelor’s or Postgraduate degree who want to move to the UK to work. Eligible international degree holders must have been issued with the degree they intend to rely on no earlier than

New Plan for Immigration will help asylum seeking children

The government’s New Plan for Immigration aims to help unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, by directing all local authorities with children’s services to provide care placements for them. It will make the National Transfer Scheme for such children mandatory for local authorities with children’s services. Until recently, many councils did not accept the transfer of children, resulting

Student Visas Applications – What you need to know.

International Students must successfully apply for a Student visa before they can commence their studies in the UK. This short article provides an overview about the requirements for Student visas for foreign students intending to study in the UK. The relevant Immigration Rules that cover Student Visa applications are primarily contained in Appendix Student. A

Immigration – The Graduate Route

This article provides an overview of the Graduate route, (also referred to as the Graduate visa). This Immigration category was opened on 1st July 2021 for international students. The Graduate route is for international students who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree or a relevant qualification and hold Tier 4 (General) Leave or

What is a Standard Visitor Visa and When Does it Apply?

This article looks at the Standard Visitor visa and provides a concise view of this Immigration category. The Immigration Rules provide that there are four different types of Visitor visa categories. These categories include the Standard Visitor, the Marriage and Civil Partnership Visitor, the Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor and the Transit Visitor. Standard Visitors may

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