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Business Women and Their Brands

Posted: 8th November 2011   In: Dispute Resolution

I have been fortunate enough to work with many inspiring women both within my firm and those entrepreneurial women I have met being either contacts or clients of the firm. It’s always a motivation to meet with women whose business / career is just as important to them as their family life and who really are able to balance it all! 

Generally, women in the work place are image conscious and like to ensure that they are perceived in a professional manner. Their individual brand is important and brand and reputation is something which has value both as an individual and in terms of your business and product brand.

The world of marketing we see today has changed dramatically since the 1990’s which marked the boom of the World Wide Web and the ever reaching expanse of marketing on the Web.  It is important that we take time to ensure that we can protect our brand in this obis of what we call the internet!

Brand abuse online by “Brandjackers” can not only erode your business and or personal reputation but can result in loss of revenue and lack of customer trust.

Types of online abuse include Traffic Diversion Schemes whereby legitimate customers who visit your site are unknowing diverted to illegitimate sites and this means a possible loss of sale for your business. Search engine marketing abuse and manipulation, cyber squatting, counterfeiting and piracy, brand defamation and the sale of your authentic products through unauthorised channels  are all schemes which you need to be aware of.

Although these dangers exist, we all know that the internet is a must for the modern business woman – so what steps can you take to protect your online brand identity?

Understand the problem- carry out your own online searches and investigate where your online weaknesses are.

Use a multiple of protection measures-make sure you have preventative and detective steps in place by using the correct software to pick up any suspect activity on your site. Get your staff involved to keep an eye out for any infringements.

Have agreed responsive steps in place should infringement have occurred. These should be agreed before hand and take into account minor to major infringements. Acting quickly will protect your brand.

Own your domain portfolio – make sure you know your online space and that it is secure.

Take control of your marketing channels online – ensure you have agreements in place governing how your business will be marketed through the various channels you use.

Work closely with your solicitor to ensure that you have agreed actions set up so that you can act quickly in stopping further brand infringement.    

If you have any questions about protecting your brand contact Deborah Rupping on 01582 514384.