About Stephen

Stephen is currently part of the Dispute Resolution Team, having joined Machins as a trainee solicitor in July 2021. He originally studied law in Ireland, graduating from the National University of Ireland, Galway and University College Cork, before completing his GDL at BPP London, and his LPC at BPP Cambridge.

Since joining Machins, Stephen has displayed excellent client care and has built strong relationships with clients, drawing on his extensive experience working in the corporate and charity sectors. This experience has given him a valuable insight into the needs of clients which has enabled him to deliver excellent results.

He has worked at a senior leadership level in the hospitality industry, in the charity and education sector and with major international development projects. Stephen has been key in the launching and development of several start-up businesses in the hospitality sector, with hands on experience in employment law, commercial negotiations and many other key operations functions.

Prior to joining the Dispute Resolution team, Stephen has experience working in the Employment, Company Commercial and Public Family departments.

Approach to work

“I am not afraid to be honest and forthcoming with clients, and like to develop a relationship in order to understand my clients’ needs and objectives more clearly. I try to be creative in approaching a problem to find the best possible solution that achieves my clients’ aims.”

Latest news by Stephen Nolan

Child arrangements for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day to be enjoyed with children and family however unfortunately the day can be difficult for some fathers who are unable to spend the day with their child. Whilst it is hoped that parents would be able to agree the arrangements for special dates such as Father’s/Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays

What is fire and rehire?

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Dismiss and re-engage, or fire and rehire, has been a practice for decades but recently has been receiving coverage in the press as a result of its use by high profile companies such as BA and British Gas, who have seen the coronavirus pandemic having a dramatic impact on their cash flow. An employer who

Changing Career – Trainee Blog

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Changing career has certainly become more common in recent times, and while the average age of an individual admitted to the Law Society’s role of solicitors is now 29-30, it is still relatively unusual to see more mature trainees. The process of securing a training contract is a stressful and frustrating one, and adding in

Misconduct outside of work

In the ordinary course of events, employers have little to no involvement in their employee’s personal lives and actions outside of work. But what happens when the employee does or says something outside of the workplace which the employer feels may have a material impact on their business? Employers will become interested in employees’ extra-curricular

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