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Financial Arrangements

When couples separate, there are often difficult financial arrangements to consider, whether they are married or not. These can relate to the home in which they originally lived, the effect of being left in debt, the amount of maintenance that may be payable, or the loss of a substantial asset as a result of the separation, such as a former partner's pension entitlement. If there are children of the relationship additional issues can arise, such as the payment of maintenance, school fees and the involvement of the Child Support Agency.

We will advise you on the financial implications of your separation or pending separation. Our experienced team of family lawyers will provide you with support and assistance no matter what the financial dispute may involve. We are used to dealing with every type of case ranging from those where the assets are minimal, right through to cases involving complex financial arrangements and substantial assets, both in this country and abroad.

Our aim is to help you and your former partner reach an amicable financial settlement at the earliest opportunity, avoiding court proceedings. We will help you consider alternatives to a court application, such as a referral to an independent mediation service. However, if it is necessary for court proceedings to be brought we will provide immediate representation at any hearing.

It is occasionally necessary to consider urgent court applications to deal with:

• Interim maintenance

• Payment of a mortgage

• Court orders to freeze assets

• Court orders to recover assets.

We know that no two families or separating couples are the same. The type of financial settlement that will be appropriate in your case will very much depend on your circumstances. The settlement will be influenced by such factors as the length of your relationship, the need to provide for your children, the earning potential of both you and your partner, your income, your capital, and your housing needs.

Once we fully understand the issues, any member of our family team can provide you with advice about the options available and the best way to achieve the fairest financial settlement for you and your family. We are able to provide public funding for those on a lower income or in receipt of certain benefits.

Machins have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency. Legal Aid may be available but only in very limited circumstances if you can show that there has been domestic violence in your relationship or there are issues arising in relation to the protection of your children. When you telephone, we will be able to advise you whether or not your situation will be one where Legal Aid might be available.