Supreme Court rules that “sleep-in” workers are not entitled to national minimum wage for the entirety of their shift

Royal Mencap Society (Respondent) v Tomlinson-Blake (Appellant) Two “sleep in” care workers appealed to the UK’s highest Court, the Supreme Court, seeking to overturn the decision that they are not entitled to the national minimum wage (NWM) for the duration of their “sleep in” shift. A “sleep in” shift typically means that the employee is

Brexit – The Legal Considerations

While it is still too soon for any certainty and teething problems are likely to persist, it is possible to speculate and draw some current conclusions on the effect of Brexit on some areas of UK legal practice.

Christian Actress who brought discrimination and harassment claims after anti LGBT comments loses at the Employment Tribunal

In January 2019, Seyi Omooba was cast as the lead role in the theatre production of “Celie” which was to be a joint production by the Curve Theatre Leicester and the Birmingham Hippodrome. Following her appointment in the role, it was brought to light that Ms Omooba had previously made anti LGBT comments on her own

A recent update on victimisation and protected acts under the Equality Act

Employees are advised to think carefully about the wording used when writing a grievance to their employer, after the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that an employee’s allegations in her written grievance that the employer’s conduct “may amount to discrimination” would not constitute a protected act under the Equality Act 2010. The employee in question was

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