The government says it’s committed to building a million new homes over the next five years with a greater emphasis being placed on quality and beauty.

It wants tree-lined streets and zero-carbon ratings to become the norm as quickly as possible.

Many of the ideas are contained in the report, Living in Beauty, by the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission. 

It puts forward over 130 practical recommendations to support the creation of more beautiful communities, including:

  • planting millions of trees over the next 5 years, as well as opening old canals and supporting every home to have its own or access to a fruit tree
  • speeding up the planning process for beautiful buildings through a new ‘Fast Track for Beauty’ rule for councils
  • increasing democracy and involving communities in local plans and planning applications, including using digital technology like virtual reality and 3D modelling to help locals shape their own areas.

Welcoming the report, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “I am interested in the proposal of a “fast track for beauty”. Where individuals and developers have put in the time to create proposals for well-designed buildings, which use high quality-materials and take account of their local setting, it can’t be right their planning applications are held up.

“I too want to see a return to planting more trees. We set out in our manifesto that we will expect all new streets to be lined with trees and are working to make this commitment a reality. 

“I want to see zero-carbon homes being built as standard within 5 years as we learn again how our built and natural environments can work in harmony.

“And the report is right that local authorities will need to play a leading role in this design revolution. We will need to ensure they have the right skills and leadership to fully carry out their role as place-makers.”  

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