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Issues around inheritance, wills and estates can be distressing, especially when they involve the family home, but disputes and claims for financial provisions are becoming increasingly common for family members.

Under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, legal protection is available for spouses, civil partners, children and other dependants who were financially reliant upon the deceased. This protection could involve the transfer of a property or an award of a right to occupy a property.

The next in our series of seminars is looking at the issues of inheritance claims and property. Expert lawyers from our private client and dispute resolution teams will be providing guidance on what steps you can take to protect your estate in line with your wishes, as well providing support and guidance on how to avoid or resolve disputes.

Key areas we will be covering will be ::

  • Property and estates
  • Different disputes
  • Possession claims

The presentation will run from 10am -10.45am followed by an online Q&A session for anyone wishing to ask questions.

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