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If you found yourself in a situation where you were unable to make decisions or manage your affairs who would you want to act in your best interests?

You can address this in advance by putting in place lasting powers of attorney (LPA). An LPA lets you choose who looks after your finances and care if you are not able to.

Join our free online webinar on Wednesday 11th September from 10am-11am where our legal experts will be providing professional and practical guidance on the importance of lasting powers of attorney.

The session will enable you to make an informed decision, and gain peace of mind, on how best to provide future protection for you and your loved ones.

Topics covered will include:-

  • What is an LPA and who can make one?
  • What are the benefits of an LPA?
  • What can happen if I don’t make an LPA?
  • Who can be an attorney and what can they do? Can you have multiple attorneys?
  • How do you go about preparing an LPA?

The presentation will run from 10-11am followed by an online Q&A session for anyone wishing to ask questions.

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