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Women ‘should have right to know male colleagues’ pay rates’

Posted: 18th December 2019   In: Business Employment, Individual Employment
Eight out of ten people say women should have the right to know how their pay compares with male colleagues doing the same work.

The Fawcett Society, a charity that campaigns for gender equality, carried out research showing that one in three women had no idea what their male co-workers were paid, leaving them unaware of possible discrimination. 

Four out of ten women who were able to find out the comparable rates reported that male colleagues were on higher wages for doing the same work.

The polling shows that 79% of people agree that a woman should be able to find out if there is a difference in pay rates. That includes 74% of men.

Sam Smethers, Fawcett Society Chief Executive, said: “Nearly 50 years on from the Equal Pay Act, equal pay for equal work is still a distant dream for many women. Pay secrecy means women cannot know if they are being paid equally and fairly.

“Even if they do suspect a man is earning more it is almost impossible to do anything about it. This is why we are calling for a change in the law. Women need an enforceable ‘Right to Know’ what their colleagues earn so that they can challenge unequal pay.

“Men can help by simply telling their female colleagues what they earn. It really is that simple.

“This is about much more than money. Women have told us they felt furious, devastated, exploited and undervalued. Pay discrimination has a significant negative impact on how they feel about their employer.”

Women who suspect they earn less than their male counterparts should seek legal advice as they may be able to make a discrimination claim.

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Posted by: Jackie Cuneen
Luton Office