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With great power comes the risk of personal liability

Posted: 20th April 2017   In: Corporate Commercial

Business owners regularly use companies as a medium for trade in order to take advantage of their separate legal identity; the gospel being that this will afford them protection by ring-fencing their personal assets. This benefit is offset by the increased administrative responsibility required from companies in order to protect the public.

While traditionally a shareholder’s liability is limited to any amount remaining unpaid on shares, directors are subject to more stringent regulations and could find themselves held personally liable for breaches of their duties. While these can be tailored using the articles or in service contracts, underlying these are duties imposed by common law and statute. These are:

General Duties:

Specific Duties:

These duties are owed to the company and breach could make the director personally liable and may lead to the director being disqualified.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon when dealing with a bank or a landlord that a personal guarantee will be required in order to secure a certain facility or property, especially if the company is relatively new or has limited assets. If given, rather than piercing the corporate veil and reaching for the director’s personal assets, these guarantees would usually make the director jointly and severally liable, regardless of the actions of the intermediate company.

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