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Mediation could save businesses thousands in settling disputes

Posted: 7th August 2019   In: Dispute Resolution

It is now widely accepted across the legal profession that businesses could save thousands of pounds if they used mediation as a way of settling disputes with employees and other companies.

Mediation allows disputing parties to settle their disagreements with the help of a trained mediator at a fraction of the cost of going to court. The approach is less confrontational and enables both sides to maintain greater control of the proceedings. Mediation also gives parties greater flexibility in finding a commercial resolution that works for them. Parties are usually accompanied by their own legal advisers and the structure of the day is flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual circumstances.

Mediation can also help both sides to maintain a good working relationship after the dispute is resolved, which is particularly important when the parties have an ongoing commercial relationship.

Our team has succeeded in settling the vast majority of cases that we have taken to mediation over the last year. Mediation is proving to be an effective tool to resolve even the most acrimonious commercial disputes, and is becoming increasingly frequent.

Please contact Holly Baker or Janice Young if you would like more information about mediation and how it can help your business settle disputes quickly and economically.

Posted by: Holly Baker
Dispute Resolution
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