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HSE revises its guidance for employers on home working

Posted: 29th February 2012   In: Business Employment

The Health and Safety Executive has revised its guidance for employers with staff who work from home.

The new guidance relaxes some of the regulatory requirements and recognises that a lot of work carried out at home is going to be “low-risk, office-type work”.

In these circumstances, as an employer, you are only responsible for the equipment you supply.

Turning to higher risk activities, the guidance says: “If your staff work at home doing activities such as working with adhesives or soldering, you will need to consider the particular risks involved in these activities. 

“For example, you will need to check that any equipment you supply to your staff is in good condition and that they have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) if needed.”

Employers will also have to carry out risk assessments for employees working with display screens. This will involve looking at the workstation, the work environment and any special needs of individual staff.

The new guidance follows the recent review of health and safety legislation carried out by Lord Young and Professor Ragnar Lofstedt, which recommended that the regulatory burden on employers should be reduced for low risk activities. 

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