Introduced on 30th May 2022, the High Potential Individual Immigration category is for international graduates with a foreign degree equivalent to a UK Bachelor’s or Postgraduate degree who want to move to the UK to work. Eligible international degree holders must have been issued with the degree they intend to rely on no earlier than five years before they apply. To qualify for a High Potential Individual visa applicants must be degree holders that have graduated from universities that are on the Global Universities List (GUL).

Applicants are required to satisfy the Financial Requirement. How Applicants satisfy the Financial requirement will depend on whether they are applying from within the UK or from outside the UK. If they are applying from abroad or have lived in the UK for less than 12 months, they will need to demonstrate that they have held funds equivalent to at least £1,270 for a minimum of 28 days in line with the Immigration rules prior to the submission of their application. Applicant applying from within the UK who have been here in another eligible Immigration category will automatically meet the Financial Requirement if they have been lawfully resident in the UK for at least 12 months.

High Potential Individual applicants must also meet the English Language requirement. Applicants can meet this requirement by passing an English Language Test at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in all 4 components (reading, writing, speaking and listening). The only exception to this requirement is where an exemption applies as stated under the Immigration Rules in relation to this Immigration category.

The High Potential Individual route like certain temporary immigration routes does not lead to Settlement, however those on this route may switch into other immigration categories.

While many have lauded the creation of another Immigration route into the UK, some have criticised it for excluding countries in South Asia, South America and Africa.


The Immigration Rules

High Potential Individual Caseworker Guidance (Home Office Guidance) version 1.0 published on 30May 2022

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