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Government to ban rogue landlords and property agents

Posted: 11th January 2017   In: Commercial Property

The government is to use banning orders to crack down on rogue landlords and property agents.

The orders will be used in cases involving serious offences against tenants. Ministers say such offences could include failing to carry out work required by the council to prevent a health and safety risk to tenants, threatening tenants with violence, or illegally evicting them.

If a landlord or property agent is subject to a banning order they could be prevented from letting or managing a property indefinitely. Their name would also be included in a national database of rogue landlords and property agents.

Proposed banning order offences include:

Housing Minister Gavin Barwell said: “The banning orders will force the most serious and prolific offenders to either drastically improve the standard of the accommodation they rent out, or to leave the sector entirely, with a minimum ban lasting 12 months and no upper limit for a maximum ban.

“Those subject to banning orders will also not be able to earn income from renting out housing or engaging in letting agency or property management work.

“Landlords could also find that their property could be made the subject of a management order by the local authority, which allows the council to rent out the property instead.”

The proposals are now subject to a public consultation. We shall keep clients informed of developments.

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Posted by: Janice Young
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