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10 myths and misconceptions in family law

Posted: 3rd May 2017   In: , Family Law - Berkhamsted, Family Law - Luton

1. If I obtain a Decree Absolute there can be no future financial claims

2. I want to obtain a divorce based on irreconcilable differences

3. If the other party has committed adultery it will affect the financial outcome

4. We are not married but we are living together and so I have rights as a common law wife

5. We are married and therefore I am entitled to half of everything

6. If I transfer assets to a third party the Court will ignore them

7. If my spouse has racked up huge amounts of debt, I am liable for half of this

8. Prenuptial agreements are not recognised in England and Wales

9. The children will always stay with the mother

10. Business assets are not taken into account by the Court

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This article is written for general information only and should not be relied on without specific advice.  It first appeared in the Hemel Gazette Business Eye.

Posted by: Kirsty Bowers
Luton Office