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Public Law Outline and Letters Before Proceedings

A Letter Before Proceedings will be sent to you if Children’s Services at the Local Authority considers that your child or children are at risk of not being looked after properly. That letter will explain the concerns of the Local Authority and that, as a result of their concerns, they are considering asking the Court for Orders to place the children out of your care, either with a positively assessed family member or into care.

Such a letter will invite you to a Public Law Outline (PLO) meeting. We will act for you in the matter by attending Public Law Outline meetings and advise you what action you should take.  If Children’s Services decide to start Care Proceedings we will act for you in respect of those Care Proceedings under Legal Aid. Your costs will be met by the Legal Aid Agency and you will not be responsible for these costs if you are a parent or person with Parental Responsibility.

The PLO process gives parents time to make changes to deal with the Local Authority’s concerns about the child or children.

Our solicitors are fully experienced, understanding and sympathetic and will work with you during this difficult time.

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