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Meet the Family Law Team - Berkhamsted

Family Law - Berkhamsted

We know that the breakdown of a relationship can be very painful for the entire family, for those that are married and those that are not and difficult decisions have to be made.

We will look at the individual circumstances of yourself and your partner to help you answer those questions. We can provide expert advice and assistance in order for you to reach an agreement with your partner. We can also put you in contact with other agencies who may be able to help you. If agreements cannot be reached, we have the expertise to guide you through the procedures involved. We aim to work with you for the best possible outcome for you and your family. We have an experienced and dedicated team of friendly, approachable family lawyers who can advise in relation to all areas of a relationship breakdown. This includes tax, trusts and pension issues that may arise on separation, as well as complicated financial arrangements that may involve offshore assets and foreign jurisdictions. They are used to answering the complex questions which can arise.

These are usually:

The team includes members of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel, the Law Society’s Children Panel and Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association), specialising in particular in Children Law and Advanced Financial Provision. We have specific expertise in financial cases involving high net worth, pensions, foreign assets and jurisdictions, appeals and in children cases involving abduction or removal from the jurisdiction either on a temporary or permanent basis as well as residence and contact issues.

We also actively promote the use of out of court dispute resolution where appropriate and are able to offer mediation and collaborative law services.

Fixed Fees

We offer a range of fixed fee advice for family law including annulment, cohabitation agreement, parental responsibiltiy agreements, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, uncontested divorce (petitioner) or dissolution of civil partnership, uncontested divorce or dissolution of civil partnership (respondent)

Children Arrangements and Disputes

Find out more about parental responsiblity, Section 8 Orders, changing the child's surname and leaving the UK.

Cohabitation Breakdown

We can advise former cohabitants as to their respective entitlements on the breakdown of their relationship.

Cohabitation or Living Together Agreements

A cohabiting couple can enter into a cohabitation agreement setting out arrangements which will apply while they are living together, as well as establishing rights on the breakdown of the relationship.

Collaborative Law

Machins Solicitors LLP is proud to endorse the collaborative family law process. This process involves each person appointing their own lawyer but instead of conducting negotiations by letter or phone you meet together to work things out face to face. 

Dissolution of civil partnerships

It has been possible for same sex couples to make a formal and legal commitment to one and other by entering into a civil partnership for many years now.


The prospect of a divorce can be daunting and worrying even for the most resilient of people.

Divorce and the Family Business

Business interests in divorce proceedings often lead to difficulties within the resolution of financial matters and the law as to how these business interests are dealt with is complex.  It is therefore important to take good legal advice.

Financial arrangements including high net worth and foreign assets

The division of assets is often the most difficult problem to solve in the separation process. 


Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and out of court process that can help people make practical arrangements following a separation, whether it is in relation to children, property or finances. The Mediator does not provide legal advice and acts impartially helping people to make decisions that work best for themselves. The aim of mediation is to assist both parties reach a mutually acceptable compromise about the issues that affect them taking into account their individual circumstances. It is a process that can occur at any point of a separation or divorce, be it in the early stages or after a long period of time apart. It can achieve an early agreement about a specific issues or deal with all of the implications of a separation.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements ('Marriage Agreements')

If you are about to marry or enter into a civil partnership now is the time to think about having a pre-nuptial/civil partnership agreement.

Separation Agreements

If spouses and civil partners decide not to divorce or issue dissolution proceedings immediately, they can, as an alternative, enter into a Separation Agreement.