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Forced Marriage Protection Orders

There is now an Act which enables family courts to make Forced Marriage Protection Orders to protect someone from being forced into marriage. An order can also be made to protect someone who has already been forced into marriage, to help remove them from the situation.

The Act sends out a strong message that forced marriage will not be tolerated. The penalties for failing to obey an order mean they may be found in contempt of court and sent to prison for up to two years.

Types of court orders

Each Forced Marriage Protection Order, made by the court will contain terms that are designed to protect the victim in their particular circumstances. Examples of the types of orders the court may make are:

• to prevent a forced marriage from occurring

• to hand over passports

• to stop intimidation and violence

• to reveal the whereabouts of a person

• to stop someone from being taken abroad

The Act also enables the court to respond to emergency situations, by making orders without notice to the Respondent or Respondents

We are experienced in dealing with this relatively new area of law.

We are able to advise, assist and represent you in respect of either making an application for a Forced Marriage Protection Order or defending the same.

Legal Aid may be available to you to be represented in relation to any application for a Forced Marriage Protection Order. The availability will depend upon whether or not you meet the criteria set down by the Legal Aid Agency. If you telephone us we will be able to advise you further as to the availability of Legal Aid.