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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and out of court process that can help people make practical arrangements following a separation, whether it is in relation to children, property or finances. The Mediator does not provide legal advice and acts impartially helping people to make decisions that work best for themselves. The aim of mediation is to assist both parties reach a mutually acceptable compromise about the issues that affect them taking into account their individual circumstances. It is a process that can occur at any point of a separation or divorce, be it in the early stages or after a long period of time apart. It can achieve an early agreement about a specific issues or deal with all of the implications of a separation.

Mediation seeks to avoid costly, lengthy court proceedings and aims to reduce emotional stress, pressure and conflict at what is often the most difficult time of a separation. If there are children involved, it can help with communication between parents or extended family members, allows both to consider the needs of their children and to find a constructive way to allow positive future parenting. It is usually far more cost effective than court proceedings, it can be a great deal quicker and has the potential of avoiding long term resentment which can frequently happen in a court case where a settlement can be imposed upon people which neither may be satisfied with.

It also recognises that by dealing with difficult issues at an early stage, in an open, positive and constructive manner, the prospects of being able to maintain a good relationship with a former partner increases. This is particularly important where there are children involved when parents will need to be able to communicate and co-operate with each other calmly and without confrontation. It helps former partners adjust to the change in their lives that separation brings and ultimately to be able to eventually move on.

Our trained and qualified mediators have many years of experience in dealing with every aspect of a separation and mediation is suitable for parents, married couples, couples who have cohabited, divorced couples, same sex couples and extended family members who may, for instance, wish to agree arrangements in seeing children.

For further information, please contact Richard Phillips or read Family Mediation - Helping you reach agreement.