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Aylesbury Corporate Network - Ask the professionals webinar

Starts: 6 May 2020 15:00
Ends: 6 May 2020 16:30
Department: Business Employment

In these unprecedented times, we are all looking for guidance to help our businesses survive and thrive. Haines Watts, HR Inspire, Handelsbanken and Machins Solicitors have come together to host a webinar to provide expert guidance on a variety topics that are relevant to the day.

The network is free for everyone to access and attend.  It is an open forum and has no fixed agenda.  Instead, we invite questions and discussions topics from those who wish to attend and then offer professional views from a legal, accounting, banking and/or HR perspective to open the discussion.  Anyone who then wishes to join the conversation is welcome to do so.  The goal is to share insights amongst business leaders and professionals trading out of Aylesbury to the Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire areas.

The previous webinars have all been really successful with a lively debate amongst business owners and professionals in the Aylesbury area sharing their thoughts and ideas on current topics that are troubling them. 

You can join the call through our webpage: